Sunday, September 22, 2013

Building Red: An Anthology

This is the beginning of a venture I've been wanting to tackle for a long time: an anthology. When the opportunity to work with Walrus Publishing came about, even though I'm insanely busy with everything else in my life, I had to take it. Just like those crazy folks who will one day step on Mars, you have to follow your dreams when they present themselves.

So here's what I'm looking for: themes along the lines of genetic engineering, terraforming, and resources. New information is pouring out of media resources daily, so please research before writing and sending your piece. If it doesn't fit with current science, or if you can't logically project a futuristic outcome of a current science, then the piece won't fit for this anthology.

Your writing also has to be well-edited and well-written. Just because it has solid science behind the settings, if your characters have no voice and your plot is thin, your piece won't make the cut. If you have a critique group or several trusted friends--who happen to know a thing or two about grammar--have them read your piece with a critical eye before sending it our way. You'll have a better chance of acceptance, guaranteed!

We'll take submissions through the summer and fall then send out contracts to the authors we would like to join our crew. Then we'll go through the editing and revision process--hopefully not too painful--and the plan is to publish both in e-book and softcover format spring of 2015 just in time to launch for the Missouri Writers' Guild State Conference. If any of our authors are Missouri writers, it would be awesome to have them there to sign copies!

So there's our sandbox. We've dug the foundation. We've secured the posts. We've filled it with sand and setup the toys. It's now up to you what to do with the contents. GO YE THEREFORE AND WRITE!