Friday, June 27, 2014

Story Resources

I'm excited I've already received so many stories for Building Red-The Colonization of Mars anthology! Some of the stories are funny, some serious, but one thing I want to emphasize: this is a science fiction anthology, not a fantasy anthology. Science fiction is based on science facts and extrapolation of what science could be in the future. That is one of the big reasons I'm having to either reject or ask for re-writes on stories. So for those of you who aren't familiar with life on Mars, here are a few resources you might check out to help fine-tune those stories.

I would suggest you read the specifics on these websites to get more detailed information, however, here are the highlights: Mars has longer days, has dangerous dust storms, no liquid water, has two moons, is extremely cold, has no atmosphere (therefore humans are subject to high levels of solar radiation! This is a big one people forget about.), and no oxygen, has several man-made craft flying in orbit around it, has a weaker gravitational pull than Earth, a lower air pressure, it only takes about a year (depending on technology and cycle of the orbits) to get to Mars.

1. Window to the Universe:
2. NASA's Mars website:
5. Discovery Channel:

Here's a group who plans on going to Mars in 2018!

If your story is well-written and compelling, I'm likely to ask for a re-write rather than reject it, so don't feel this is meant to intimidate anyone. I merely want to help you write the best science fiction story possible.

Keep sending more stories!