Monday, June 8, 2015


Well, it's happened. Not only did Building Red: Mission Mars get a new web page and Facebook page, it now has a Google+ page and a new blog. The links are below:

Building Red: Mission Mars Website

Facebook Page

Google+ Link

New Blog on New Website

So from now on, those are the places you'll need to go for more information.

Thanks for checking in! T-two months.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Revision is a Dish for Editors, Too

Well, I've been outvoted. Here's the publisher's current version of the cover which is different than the one I posted last night. That's how it goes when you are answerable to a higher power. No worries, though. Revision is a dish for editors, too.

We now have a Facebook page and many of the writers are contributing pictures, sharing with friends, and throwing all sorts of awesome ideas on the table. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by such talented and enthusiastic people.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Five months won't be long.

Five months until...

...we go to Mars!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Launching in Five...

It's been some time--and some work--since my last entry, but now that Building Red is finally coalescing, it's time to start putting names, pictures, and information up for the public to see and admire.

What is Building Red? It's a science fiction anthology of 19 near and not-so-near future stories about humanity's efforts to colonize Mars. Some stories start on Earth. Some are in space. Some begin on Mars itself. Each one is unique and each one explores various aspects of the human condition in a way only science fiction can.

We're currently deep into editing the pieces--a painful yet cathartic process--and I'm thrilled to be working with such hard-working and professional writers. 

Part of the reason I think the collection will be successful is that we have such a wide variety of people from a wide variety of homelands, beliefs, writing styles, and upbringings. Their myriad of experiences and will make this anthology one of the most unique you've ever read. In alphabetical order, I am pleased to announce the authors for Building Red: Carolyn Agee, Robyn Andrew, Cyn Bermudez, Scott Chaddon, William Cureton, Andrew Fraknoi, Mark Isherwood, Cyndy Edwards Lively, Laura K. Luttrell, Daniel Marcus, Nick Nafpliotis, Bethany Nuckolls, Kristin Procter, Jonathan Shipley, Kara Race-Moore, Chuck Regan, M. T. Reiten, Lloyd Vancil, and Dusty Wallace.

However, if you have a great interior, you really need a great exterior to match, right? Up top is one of the tentative front covers. It probably won't be the final design, but close enough for promotional use. I'm learning quickly that what I as an editor envision and what the publishers envision are often two different things. That doesn't mean we can't negotiate, but, in the end, they get the final say.

The design is by Mr. Randy McWilson, a friend of mine and author of a series of science fiction/time travel/conspiracy theory books. His first, Paradigm Rift is already out and a big hit. His second, Tradecraft will launch this spring.

One of the aspects about this project that I've loved is learning about our own current efforts to get to Mars. Mars One is one of the groups that has dedicated itself to getting to Mars as soon as possible. Their date? 2020! Five years from now! Can you imagine? They have a lot of barriers to overcome but persistence and brainpower can send you places...perhaps even Mars!

Next time I'll tease you with story titles, tell you a little about the authors, and more tidbits about the current efforts of groups aiming for the red planet.

Building Red: The Colonization of Mars is launching in paperback and ebook formats in August 2015. Five months and counting. Don't miss it!

Until next time...kick up a little dust and dream big.